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Stay on task regardless of the situation.

This clip touches on Jackie Robinson’s love for family. Rachel Robinson (wife of Jackie Robinson) explains that despite the painful moments, Robinson had a passion for equality for all people. In the clip, Rachel expresses her hope that people will be inspired to make a change in America.



“What makes us Americans is our shared commitment to an idea that all of us are created equal, and all of us have the chance to make of our lives what we will.”


“You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear.”

President Obama’s quote supports Robinson’s belief that we were all created equal. Robinson worked tirelessly to make life better for everyone and was an

inspiration to many.


Also, in looking at the quote of Sammy Davis Jr., it is clear that Robinson chooses commitment over fear as he fought to change America.


  1. Never giving up

  2. Sticking to a task

  3. Having determination

  4. To keep your promise

  5. To plan and stick to it

  6. Follow through on your duty

  7. Never give up on your dream

  8. Finishing something you started

  9. Follow through on what you said

  10. Not giving up on your goal in life

  11. To set a goal and follow through on it

  12. Determine yourself to a promise or a goal

  13. Making a goal and following through with it

  14. Own up to something and be truthful about it

  15. Making a promise and following through with it

  16. To show up where you are supposed to be on time

  17. Persevering through on things to achieve your goal

  18. A promise that you keep to yourself and to yourself

  19. Sticking together no matter what goes on until the end

  20. Focusing on one idea no matter what’s going on around you

  21. Being dedicated to a certain goal/ task and starting towards it

  22. Dedicated to something no matter what stops you in your path

  23. To never give up on something you want in life or for yourself

  24. To make a promise and stay true to that promise that you make

  25. To stay solid on a task and to believe in yourself and getting it done

  26. Never give up on something whether you have a passion for it or not

  27. Finishing a task and staying dedicated to it know matter how challenging it may get

  28. To make a promise to someone or yourself to for something that is important to them or you in general

  29. To be dedicated to accomplishing something such as our goals. You stick to what you want to accomplish no matter what the obstacle is

Write your COMMITMENT statement. We want to know, what does commitment mean to you?


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