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The state of being vested with rights, privileges, and duties.

This clip talks about Jackie Robinson’s contributions to society as an original Civil Rights leader.  It touches on the fact that Robinson’s contributions to society, and to the world, took place well before Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and the Supreme Court ruling in Brown vs. Education making segregation illegal.  Through his contributions, Robinson fought for causes that helped acquire full citizenship and affected change around the country.


“There’s no such thing as second-class citizenship. That's like telling me you can be a little bit pregnant.”

“Tremendous changes are taking place in our country, eradicating the concept of second-class citizenship.”


1. Making an example.
2. Being good to others.
3. The act of showing leadership.
4. How you act and affect others.
5. Being a part of something better.
6. Being engaged in a lot of things.
7. Being a leader and staying positive.
8. Helping others lives and giving back.
9. Being the best person that you can be.
10. To help others clean your environment.
11. Making your life better and others around you.
12. Leaving a positive impact on the ones you love.
13. Help others and associating with others in any situation.
14. Fighting for your rights and standing out in a good way.
15. Doing what is right and helping others through discipline.
16. Behaving well and being a good citizen to your congregation.
17. How you carry yourself and giving to others that need support.
18. Showing types of commitment that improves the lives of others.
19. Doing community service and becoming a volunteer for society.
20. Presenting yourself around other people in an honorable fashion.
21. To help others around you and within the community by giving back.
22. Having a positive attitude towards things and acting with common sense.
23. Encouraging people to do better and being better by helping other people.
24. Leading by example being respectful and speaking up for what you believe in.
25. Greeting people with a smile and giving respect even if it is not given in return.
26. Being able to help others through good behavior it’s about leading by example.
27. Making sure you exercise all your rights and making sure that you know your rights.
28. Participating to prove that you can do the right thing and helping others have better lives.
29. Making life better for other people and treating others the way that you want to be treated.
30. Dong the dishes and taking out the trash and taking a little weight off my parent’s shoulders.
31. The act of doing good despite no one watching or no reward to improve other people's lives.
32. Being a part of an area and most importantly being able to take part in the things in the area.
33. Doing good for your community by making a positive impact by urging people to do good things.
34. Working on impacting other people’s lives and doing right by serving as positive role model to
35. Have a straightforward mindset to keep your head on, to stay calm and to be a good influence on

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