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Continuing through difficulty despite what things look like.

In this clip, Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese become the boys of summer. Through determination, Robinson won the respect of his teammates one by one.


Through determination, Robinson didn’t let the fact that he was denied access to sleep in the same hotels as his teammates stop him from wanting to play baseball. He didn’t let disappointment, frustration, or disillusion, stop his determination.


“ can have all the talent in the world, but without determination, you won't get very far.”

“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.”

Malorie Blackman’s quote reminds us that although Robinson and his teammates were very talented baseball players and faced many obstacles, without

determination, they would not have been successful.


Jesse Owens reminds us that we all have dreams, despite Jim Crow laws and

discrimination, Robinson’s determination to become a professional baseball player



  1. Never stop

  2. To not give up

  3. To not give up

  4. To finish your task 

  5. Staying focus on a plan

  6. To strive for greatness

  7. Staying focus on a plan

  8. Continuing to persevere

  9. You strive to do something

  10. To be focused and committed

  11. To focus and graduate college

  12. Having a plan and finishing it

  13.  Set your goal and accomplish it

  14. That you are focused on your goal

  15. Focus on something important to you

  16. To set a goal and go through with it

  17. Staying focus and reaching your goal

  18. To push yourself to achieve your goal

  19. Being focused on getting things done

  20. Never stopping until you finish your goal

  21. To stay focused on what you want to do in life

  22. To never give up on yourself no matter what

  23. To block everybody and grind for what you want

  24. To focus on something and to put your mind to it

  25. Persevering through obstacles to achieve your goal

  26. What you need to do to get your goals completed

  27. Never give up when you want to achieve something

  28. Starting something and not stopping until you finish it

  29. How much time and work you put into something

  30. To work hard for something and make sure you get it

  31. Setting a goal and striving to achieve it no matter what

  32. Means to determine how to fix something you did wrong

  33. Is to set your goal and when you reach it set a new goal

  34. It is what you make of it, it is mostly like your big plan in life

  35. How far you will go to achieve a goal that you have

  36. To determine your life and how you feel and how you manage it

  37. Being able to have that drive and focus to complete what you started

  38. Accomplish a dream and focus even though the path might be difficult

  39. You always have a plan in life and you always strive to complete it

  40. It is being able to finish a task no matter the difficulty and never giving up

  41. The strive to do something that you really wanted to do and give your all doing it

  42. Keep pushing forward even when there are those who put you down

  43. To get important things done when you must complete something or join a team

  44. It takes willpower to be determined to do something and have a lot of focus to achieve a goal

  45. That you’re driven to do something that you love and won’t stop for anything unless it’s illegal

  46. When you are dedicated to something that you care about, and you will not be stopped from achieving it

  47. To be strong and have a successful plan for your life and if your determined to do something you can do it

  48. The ability and willpower to fight through all forms of hell and damnation to achieve a true goal or purpose.

  49. You have your mind set on something and no matter what happens you stay focused until you accomplish your goal

Write your DETERMINATION statement. We want to know, what does determination mean to you?



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