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The fair treatment of everyone.

When you reflect on this scene, Herb attempted to show an injustice by refusing Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers the opportunity to take the field.  Branch Rickey stood for justice when he insisted that Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers were coming to Philadelphia to play the game anyway.


“…injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

“ is certain, in any case, that ignorance, aligned with power is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.”

As pointed out in the quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Branch Rickey knew that if he didn’t stand up against Herb in Philadelphia, that Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers would not receive justice.


James Baldwin’s quote should remind us that power aligned with ignorance is harmful.  In the clip, Herb showed signs of ignorance when he attempted to allow Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers to come to Philadelphia.  Branch was outraged by Herb and stood up for justice.

JUSTICE means...

  1. All lives are equal

  2. Always tell the truth

  3. To stand up for equal rights

  4. We should all be treated equally

  5. Doing what’s right no matter what

  6. Take action in what you know is right

  7. Stand up for something you believe in

  8. Getting what’s right in a time of wrong

  9. Treat people fair based off their actions

  10. Fair treatment of individuals as a whole

  11. Standing up for what you think is right

  12. Say what you please when it helps others

  13. Means equality and being able to be the same

  14. To stand up for other people and do what’s right

  15. To do the right thing and be loyal to one another

  16. Treating everyone the way you should be treated

  17. Everybody being treated the same no matter their situation

  18. Non-judgmental to accept someone for their color, race, religion 

  19. Take stand for what’s right and fight with your mind not physically

  20. You have the sense to do the right thing even in misleading situations

  21. To make sure things are kept in balance for everyone to get a fair chance

  22. Stand up for what you believe in and treat others how you want to be treated

  23. Somebody is treated fairly and not suffering from injustice because of their skin

  24. Everyone should be given the same opportunity and the same privileges or consequences

Write your JUSTICE statement. We want to know, what does justice mean to you?



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