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Staying positive, never giving up, and doing your best.

The video reminds us that in all his efforts, Jackie Robinson felt that although he was the first to cross the color line in the game of baseball, it would not become totally significant until the doors opened for others.


In time, through excellence, both on and off the field, Robinson paved the way for African Americans and minorities in baseball.


50 years after Robinson broke the color barrier, Major League Baseball honored his efforts retiring the number 42.


“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.”

Baker Portrait

“I was raised to believe that excellence is the best deterrent to racism or sexism. And that's how I operate my life.” 

Booker T. Washington’s quote points out that although Robinson sought out to just play baseball, he did an uncommon thing, made an impact and changed the world.


Oprah Winfrey’s quote stating, “…that excellence can be a deterrent to racism and sexism”, is evident as Robinson played with excellence, earning the respect of his teammates and racist fans alike. In addition, through excellence off the field, Robinson helped support various causes that had an impact making America a better, stronger, and richer country.


  1. Do your best

  2. Never give up

  3. Being a leader

  4. Helping others

  5. Staying positive

  6. The ability to do better 

  7. Studying to get your goal

  8. Being the best can you can

  9. Doing your best on a daily

  10. Trying your best that you can

  11. Giving your all in what you do

  12. Try your best and don’t give up

  13. Going an extra mile to succeed

  14. Excellence is to excel to exceed

  15. Show excellence in a positive way

  16. Giving your all and being a leader

  17. Being ordinary in an unordinary world

  18. Being determined and never giving up

  19. Being the best, you can possibly be always

  20. Work hard on what you want to complete

  21. Being the best you can be and being better

  22. Go hard at something and achieve the goal

  23. Do what you can do even if you get it wrong

  24. Do your best and don’t stop until you succeed

  25. Doing the best, you can do on everything you do

  26. Having a great plan and following through with it

  27. Drive to represent yourself and what you stand for

  28. Do what you do every day, but each day do better

  29. Set a goal in life and achieve the goal you have set

  30. Setting good examples and excellence in who we are

  31. Is being prepared and ready for what life throws at you

  32. Excellence can only be shown as a leader not follower

  33. To lead by example and follow the people that are doing right

  34. Giving your best in whatever, you’re doing not just trying to win

  35. Doing something that you know is right that will help you in the future

  36. Striving to do the best you can do no matter what obstacles come your way

  37. Show an example of how you should act and how you should be as a person

  38. Have a positive attitude, you encourage someone and make a positive impact

  39. Doing the best, you can do and surrounding yourself with those who will uplift you and make you even better

Write your EXCELLENCE statement. We want to know, what does excellence mean to you?



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