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Continuing to press forward even though you experience life’s challenges.

The video reminds us that despite obstacles, we must stand firm and press forward.  In 1947, Robinson was a black man in white baseball who experienced racism and discrimination.


With his opponents, the fans, and even his teammates against him, Robinson fought with persistence.  Through persistence, Robinson had the guts not to fight back, but instead focus on the goal.  Through persistence, Robinson changed everything.


“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.

“The big talent is persistence.”

The quote by Colin Powell tells us that success can be realized through persistence.  Jackie Robinson did not let color, racism, the past, or injustice stop him. Through persistence, he overcame adversity.


Octavia Butler’s quote tells us that Robinson’s patience through adversity, perspiration to develop his skill, and persistence not to quit made an unbeatable combination for his success.


  1. Do your best

  2. Being successful

  3. To put your mind to it

  4. The ability to withstand

  5. Reach a goal to achieve

  6. Working to achieve goals

  7. Become what you want to be

  8. Never give up and keep going

  9. To keep going no matter what

  10. To not give up on something

  11. Keep doing what you do best

  12. Consistency through adversity

  13. Keep trying even when you fail

  14. When you keep pushing forward

  15. To have a goal and keep going far

  16. To push yourself beyond your limit

  17. Continuing to strive towards your goal

  18. Something special that you want to do

  19. To have ingenuity and your continence

  20. To work hard even if you fail every time

  21. Consistent advancement to move forward

  22. When someone keeps going towards a goal

  23. Even through dark times you can overcome it

  24. Never giving up on your goal no matter what

  25. Constantly do something to achieve your goal

  26. An ongoing process to never give up to your existence

  27. Being able to achieve something even when someone stops you

Write your PERSISTENCE statement. We want to know, what does persistence mean to you?



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