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Do to the right thing even when no one is watching.

When you reflect on the scene from the movie “42” Branch Rickey fought to integrate baseball despite what others thought. “A black man in baseball.”  He knew that what people would not take kindly to African Americans and whites playing on the same field.  Ricky asked Jackie Robinson to control his temper and to show integrity despite what he might face.


“the greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”

“if you can maintain integrity in whatever you do, you can't go wrong…”

Bob Marley’s quote defines the greatness of a person through his/her integrity and their ability to help others.  In the clip, Branch Rickey’s integrity is shown as he encourages Robinson to help integrate the game of baseball.


The quote by George Foreman points out that by showing integrity and staying the course, Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson’s action would prevail.

INTEGRITY means...

  1. Hold your humor

  2. Have faith in yourself 

  3. To be true to yourself

  4. Not caring what others think

  5. Keep your head up and stay calm

  6. Hold true to yourself and your values

  7. You must have integrity to survive

  8. Not to give up and believe in yourself

  9. Never give up even if people doubt you

  10. You are focused to accomplish something

  11. Being yourself despite of what people think

  12. Staying true to yourself and have high standards

  13. Do something that’s right and that is responsible

  14. Hard work and good decisions through adversity

  15. To be yourself it also can have an outlook on you

  16. Keep action in what you want and do the right thing

  17. Invest in someone and turn it into a positive outcome

  18. Regardless to the situation stand by what you believe in

  19. Always be a leader not a follower always do what is right

  20. Not to fight physically but mentally and ignore ignorance

  21. Stick with your decision even if others have different choices

  22. Have self-control and do the right things so you can be a good person

  23. No matter how many shots are fired just keep going to stay motivated

  24. Being honest and upholding your values no matter what the situation is

  25. If you have a dream you want to achieve, do it, don’t let anyone stop you

  26. Stay focused on what you are trying to do and ignore all outside distractions

  27. To do the right thing even when others may challenge your thoughts or beliefs

  28. Follow your mind and to do what’s right, though everyone else is doing wrong

  29. To stay true to yourself and don’t do anything to impress someone that isn’t impressing

  30. Empowerment or strength to self-discipline and pride to be able to follow a positive goal

Write your INTEGRITY statement. We want to know, what does integrity mean to you?



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